There are textile flags and there are wooden flags. Wooden flags are usually placed on the wall. But did you know that there are different styles of wooden flags that you can buy? A good example of that is the wavy wooden American flag.

There are all sorts of flags and some of them are quite cool. But if you want something that isn’t ordinary, you might really want to consider the wavy wood American flag. This flag has that look of waving in the wind. You can actually buy these flags from stores or you can make them yourself.

How to Make a Waving American Flag

If you want to make your own waving American flag, you have to be really good at working on crafts. You’re also going to need some tools, more particularly the angle grinder. Such grinders may be rented so you don’t have to buy one if you really want to start this project. Since this is the tool that you’ll use, you should know how to handle it.

But before you start doing anything, you have to have a good idea of what the end result is going to be. You may follow different methods in making your own wavy wooden American flag. The important thing is that you’re getting the same results.

What You’ll Need

Aside from the angle grinder, you’ll also need a computer, printer, packing tape, flag stripe template, spray adhesive, wood glue, foil tape, painter’s tape, newspaper, black spray paint, butcher paper, plastic drop cloth, and masking material. You’ll also need wood finishing and D-rings for hanging.

You’ll also need razor blades, tape, and scissors. It will also help if you have some tape measure, band saw, spindle sander, planer, jointer, table saw, miter saw, bar clamps, sandpaper, propane torch, rotary tool, and brush.

How to Do it

To make the perfect wave for your flag, use the right curved template. Make sure that it has 13 offsets for the stripes in the American flag. Trace the lines onto the board and mark it on the template. Be sure that boards will create a wave pattern when laid down together.

To do just that, try to make a template using the computer and print it out. Cut out the pieces and put the sections together. Secure everything with an adhesive tape. Once you’re ready to start working on the wood, be sure that you’re ready with all the tools and materials needed.

Making Things Easier

To make things really easy for you, it’s best that you scout the different companies that make customized wooden flags. While the wavy version of this flag may not be easily available, you’re likely to find it from a customized shop. It all boils down to finding craftsmen who are really dedicated to their work. They are the ones who are likely to create the best possible results. The purchase of a wavy wooden American flag memorabilia is a great choice for collectors, patriots, policemen, and firefighters, among others.